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Application: customized type high frequency welding machine is mainly according to the  special product

 customer requested.Such as: the lifejacket, drifting boat, drifting boat, floating row, curtain, bath curtain, 

inflatable pool, swimming pool, health mattress, jade mattress, inflatable mattress, inflatable sofa, wiring 

harness, water bag etc.. PVC mat embossing, mat welding, cushion pattern, S type mats welding etc.

Matured products: automatic cylinder forming , curling machine,high frequency speaker mesh implant machine,

car interiors and component welding machine, hot plate plastic welding machine.

  • Name:
    High Frequency PVC Door Fly Welding Machine
    Model: HR-10KW
    Scope Of Application: For welding PVC curtain, clear curtain, PVC folder, PVC page, PVC bags... Mainly used for family hotels, restaurants, food processi…
    Features: 1. Feeding, pushing material is optional, speed is under control2. The machine has heating and flatting devive, digital counter3. T…
  • Name:
    50KW Hospital Air Mattress Welding Machine
    Model: HR-50KWT
    Scope Of Application: applied for welding large pvc sheet, medical mattress, anti-bedsore mattress, TPU medical mattress, gel bed...Also applied for PVC …
    Features: Automatic sliding table machine: Auto tuning function; Hydraulic press, CE rated machines
  • Name:
    High Frequency Welding Machine for Water Bed
    Model: HR-25KW
    Scope Of Application: Application: Toy stationery industry such as: gift bag, basketball embossing,phase thin, album, name card, welding, mouse pads, len…
    Features: 1. Most apply for APET,PETG,GAG etc Eco-friendly blister packing,tooth brush packing,soft line plastic box making,all material whic…
  • Name:
    Large H.F Machine for cooling tower packing
    Model: HR-50KW
    Scope Of Application: applied for welding large pvc sheet, cooling tower cooling plastic sheet, cooling tower packing,cooling tower PVC packing, industr…
    Features: 1. CE rated, with CE certificate2. Double heads, 4 sliding welding stations3. Pneumatic mould hanging structure available4. Automat…
  • Name:
    Automobile Carpets Welding Machine
    Model: HR-15KW-2QT
    Scope Of Application: automatic tools recognize function, multi-phase pressue self-adjusting, multi-phase HF auto-tuning; automatic parameters saving sys…
    Features: 1. Apply for welding the heel-mat on the carpet 2. Suitable for LHD & RHD car.3. Customized service offered.4. Hydraulic Pressu…
  • Name:
    High Frequency Welding Machine for breathing apparatus TPU breathing mask welding machine
    Scope Of Application: for breathing apparatus , TPU breathing mask
    Features: CE rated machinematching with American company standard
  • Name:
    Auto Walking High Frequency PVC Large Covers Welding
    Model: HR-25KWA
    Scope Of Application: Servo motor & PLC control,Track design;Auto tuning-system,Unlimited able length,continuous welding, Applied for tarpaulin, suns…
    Features: Our welders with power outputs up to 35KW and deep space behind the electrode provide advanced technological features for optimizin…
  • Name:
    15KW-1C high frequency conveyer belt welding machine
    Model: HR-15KW-1C
    Scope Of Application: Specialized for welding thick tarpaulin, conveyor belt,treadmill,sidewall and other kinds of thick plastic material.
    Features: 1. specialize for connecting treadmill belt welding machine, conveyor belt .2. Firmly welding,be well meeting with materials of thi…
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