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Auto Print Film Feeding and Blister Packaging Machine

Model: HR-12KW-4AC
Scope Of Application: Printing film + blister packing; any blister packaging request printing film automatic feeding, cutting and sealing to blister.
Features: All in one machine: printing film automatic feeding+ HF blister sealing + label hole cutting + waste cutting + auto pick-up.

Automatic High Frequency Blister Packaging Machine


Thishigh frequency blister packaging machineis researched and developed by Shenzhen Hipower Ltd itself.

The procedure of this machine following:
The first station , the operators put blister, products into the mould.
The second station, printing film auto-feeding, cutting, and position fixing
The third station, HF welding station to do sealing film to blister.
The fourth station, robot pick-up products and carry to label hole punching station
The fifth station, lable hole punching station, then robot carry products to die cutting station to cut waste
The sixth station, die cutting station, it will cut waste and pick up products to conveyor belt.
workpiece on the turntable step by step repeatedly, automatic high frequency welding operation. The operation time is adjustable , normally, 8-12s each cycle.

Automatic Rotary Table H.F. Blister Packaging Machine , with 4 working stations
1. To seal blister of PVC, PET, PET-G, PET-GAG, A-PET...
2. Clear blister packaging
3. Plastic clam-shell packaging
4. Plastic Blister with plastic blister packages
5. Plastic blister with cardboard packages
6. Positive/negative blister forming and packaging
It is especially designed for HF welding is a perfect machine for production of blister packages,
But it is multipurpose machine, for it can be used for industry like PU leather cover for pad,, safety vests, reflective signs, inflatable toys, cosmetics, folding packing box, automotive, medical, rehabilitation, packaging, recreation, textile and clothing, reflective garments,.etc.
The HF blister packaging welder series have HF power outputs from 5KW to 35KW 30kW for multi-cavity production loads and specialized products.


Technical parameter:

MODEL:                                     HR-8000W-4AC      HR-10KW-4AC            HR-12KW-4AC           HR-15KWE-6AC       
H.F POWER:                                   8000W                   10000W                  12000W                   15000W    
SUPPLY POWER:                                              380V 50/60HZ    
FREQUENCY:                                27.12MHZ                      13.56MHZ    
INPUT POWER:                               5KVA                    18KVA                      20KVA                       25KVA    
RECTIFIER:                                                         SILICON DIODE    
OSCILLATOR:                                 7T69RB                 E3069                      E3130                        8T85RB            
MAX PRESSURE:                             500kg                    500kg                       800kg                        800kg              
THE GAP OF ELECTORDE:                                200mm   
THE SIZE OF ACTIVE HORN:                             150mm   
THE SIZE OF UP MOULD:             300*400mm           300*400mm              350*450mm              400*500mm    
THE SIZE OF DOWN MOULD:       350*450mm            350*450mm              400*500mm              400*500mm        

Machine Pictures:



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