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It applied to plastic products particularly suitable for welding HDPE,PP,PE,ABS,PVC,PC,EVA,PMMA,PS,PPS,PBT,PETG

and other plastic, also for fiber cotton, chemical fiber, metal hardware inthe aspects of riveting, cutting, welding, spot welding

embossing, fixed position for files, melt welding, Acrylic and relatives, like toys, battery case, Stationery etc.

  • Name:
    HR-200R Horizontal Spin Welder
    Model: HR-200R
    Scope Of Application: for PE,PP,Lylon,and PET pipe welding
    Features: 1. Touch Panel PLC Auto/Manual control2. Power from 1HP to 50HP available upon customer's request3. Weld the long-shaped and specia…
  • Name:
    HC-01 Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine
    Model: HC-01
    Scope Of Application: Lace clothing,synthetic filter bag, surgical gown , hair decorations,raincoat, tablecloth, chair cover, bedspread, pillowcase, quil…
    Features: 1)Making all kinds of laces for tablecloth,curtain,ribbon 2)Sealcut,emboss,weld
  • Name:
    HC-2020D-4AC Turntable Ultrasonic Welding Machine
    Model: HC-2020D-4AC
    Scope Of Application: Applied for ultrasonic welding of ABS,PE,PC,PS,PVC,PP,ABS and PC complex ,acrylic etc.
    Features: The straight line guide bearing, the precise matching deviceThe horizontal zoom type structures of four corners allocate that the b…
  • Name:
    HC-4215D-4AC ultrasonic cylinder bottom welding machine
    Model: HC-4215D-4AC
    Scope Of Application: Ultrasonic welding the transparent cylinder bottom
    Features: IC circuit precision control, automatic overload protection systemadopting digital switch, 1/100 precision re-set controladjustable…
  • Name:
    HC-2020D-8AC Auto rotatable multi-position plastic welder
    Model: HC-2020D-8AC
    Scope Of Application: Apply for ABS, PE, PC, PS, PVC, PP, ABS & PC complex, Acrylic etc. materials
    Features: ultrasonic welding: Ultrasonic Vibration transmit the energy via welding horn to plastic workpiece surface, generating localized hy…
  • Name:
    HC-2615BF Multi-welding horns Ultrasonic welding machine for car door
    Model: HC-2615BF
    Scope Of Application: multi-spot car door ,control panel welding
    Features: Car door of Hipower ultrasonic welding machine uses: front and rear door specialist welding equipment, also known as door ultrasoni…
  • Name:
    HC-4050 hot plate plastic welding machine
    Model: HC-4050
    Scope Of Application: hot plate Lights welding, cars tank hot plate welding, , the hydrant hot plate welding, car doorhot plate welding , dashboard hot p…
    Features: Hot plate machine can be divided into divided into horizontal and vertical hot plate hot plate machine, plastic welding surface tha…
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