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Ultrasonic multi-spot welding machine for car air flow HC-2620

Model: HC-2620
Scope Of Application: Applied for welding car panel, car lights, navigation panel,car air flow etc.
Features: Features:Car air flow of Hipower ultrasonic welding machine uses: front and rear door specialist welding equipment, also known as door ultrasonic welding machine, welding machine of car doors, car door spot welding, door welding machine, car door ultr

Car air flow ofHipowerultrasonicweldingmachineuses:front and reardoorspecialistwelding equipment, also known asdoorultrasonicwelding machine,welding machineofcardoors, cardoorspot welding, doorwelding machine,cardoorultrasonicweldingmachine,automobiledoorswelding machine,automotivedoorwelding machine, doorrivetingpointmachine,thecardoorrivetingpointmachine, carfront and back doorswelding machine.Usingultrasonic technology,do not fillplusanyadhesive,filleror solvent, do notconsume large amounts ofheat source,theultrasonic welding,weldingspeed, welding, high strength,high production efficiencyadvantages.
Hipowercompanysupportingcustomers:BYDand other enterprises.

Technical parameter:

Model HC-2620
Input  power 2600W
Frequency 20KHz
Input voltage 220V
Max input power 1.2KW
The moving distance of active horn 70mm
Oscillation system Auto-stimulating
Output time 0.01-99S
Pressure 1-7bar
Welding area ∮200mm
Compressor 1HP
Net weight 400kg

Machine view:

Ultrasonic multi-spot welding machine for car lights

Sample view:

Ultrasonic multi-spot welding machine

Moulds view:

Ultrasonic multi-spot welding machine

3D drawing:



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