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HC-2615D-6AC Auto rotatable multi-position plastic welding machine with Machine Hand

Model: HC-2615D-6AC
Scope Of Application: Ultrasonic Welding machine for ABS/PE/PC/PS/PVC/PP material Ultrasonic welding; ABS-PC complex welding, acrylic Ultrasonic welding
Features: Characters:IC circuit precision control, automatic overload protection system Adopting digital switch, 1/100 precision re-set control Adjustable horizontal level, easy control welding horn High Q value transducer, optimized output Have resonant

HC-2615D-6AC Auto Rotatable multi-position plastic welding machine  with Machine Hand

PLC precision control circuit,auto overload protection system.

Taiwan high precision decollator,zero error.

ultrasonic welding: Ultrasonic Vibration transmit the energy via welding horn to plastic workpiece surface, generating localized hyperthermia to melt the plastic surface. Under pressure of the ultrasonic welding machine, make 2 pieces of plastic workpiece to weld, get a good-looking and stable entire product.

Ultrasonic embedding: Putting screw, nut or other metal into plastic workpiece.via transmitting ultrasonic energy to the metal. After highly speed vibration produce heat, make the metal directly embed into the plastic workpiece under ultrasonic machine pressure.

Applied range of Ultrasonic welding machine:

Widely used in aviation, boats, cars, electrical appliance, package, toys, electric, medical, auto parts, fishing and textiles etc. For example: disposable transfusion filter, blood plasma whizzer, valve bag, plastic wine bottle cap, dish washer waterwheel, plastic toys, car lamp, plastic fake bait, charger shell and mobile hanging drop welding, disposable lighter shell welding etc. Besides: car door plaque welding, car motormeter welding, car lamp car mirror welding, sun visor welding, car inside accessories welding.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine Theory:

Transmitting 50/60 hz electric current into 15, 20, 35 KHz electric power via ultrasonic generator. The high frequency electric power transmitted into same frequency mechanical movement, then the mechanical movement transmitted to ultrasonic horn via amplitude modulator. The horm transmit the ultrasonic vibration energy to the weld part of the workpiece. In this part the ultrasonic vibration energy changes into heat via friction, to melt the plastic. Ultrasonic plastic welding time and pressure of horn is adjustable. It depends on transducer and amplitube modulator.

Hipower ultrasonic machine technique parameters:

Power output
Power Supply 220V 50/60HZ
Oscillatory system
Output time 0.01-99s
Presure Bound 1-7bar
Welding area  ∮200mm

Machine View:

Ultrasonic Moulds:

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