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Auto Assembling and Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Model: HC-3028AD-6AC
Scope Of Application: for all kinds of plastic parts welding
Features: Automatic assembling and welding machineone machine = 10 semi-auto machines.CE

Auto Assembling and Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Main Application: Apply for ABS, PE, PC, PS, PVC, PP, ABS & PC complex, Acrylic etc. materials.

Function explain:

statioin 01:  Vibration plates to feed work piece 01 automatically

statioin 02: Vibration plates to feed work piece 02 automatically

statioin 03: Vibration plates to feed work piece 03 automatically and aseembe all parts together

statioin 04: Vibration plates to feed work piece 04 , and fold parts automatically

statioin 05: ultrasonic welding parts together

statioin 06: automatically pick up finished products.

+IC circuit precision control, automatic overload protection system
+Adopting digital switch, 1/100 precision re-set control
+Adjustable horizontal level, easy control welding horn
+High Q value transducer, optimized output
+Have resonant frequency when the load, unload, without adjustment for the frequency of welding horn
+Square column and column airframe structure is optional, the straight line guide bearing, the precise matching device
+Using the turbine rotation to adjust the machine movement, which is better than normal
+Adopting Japan HuangPai brand alloy steel to keep frequency strong and stable
+Celebrate itself durability for adopting USA aviation standard  7075¡¢6064 Aluminum alloy
+The electronic components are imported from Italy, Japan, American, South Korean, Taiwan directly, guarantee the quality of our machine.
+All in one high capacity machine, applied for high precision of welding workpiece.
+Automatic protective device, which is optional.
+High-power machine, which is applied for Large workpiece.

Machine Technique Parameters:

Power output
Power Supply
28KHz 20KHZ 15KHZ 
220V  50/60Hz

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